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Test benches at CTC

Since October 2013, besides the high voltage test system also the test benches for combustion engines are routinely operated at our facilities in Böblingen.

High voltage test bench

We support qualification and validation tests of high voltage components and systems for electro mobility. Centerpiece of our high voltage test bench is a Heinziger energy recovery system ERS 600 offering:

  • bi-directional AC/DC-converter up to 100 kW. Used as current source or sink, samples can be integrated on AC or DC side.
  • voltage 5 - 600 V
  • current limit +/- 500 A
  • simulation of AC- or DC-faults
  • simulation  of  batteries and test of battery models
  • efficient energy recovery  into AC-grid, results in minimum energy losses in test series
  • automated 24/7 operation and support from our qualified staff
  • CAN-communication/EtherCAT-real time control
  • highly dynamic
  • modular, extendable

The Heinziger ERS 600 is connected with the drive- train test benches and can be used to supply voltages >12 V for:

  • 48 V-power grid / starter generator
  • mild hybrid
  • hybrid E-Cars

Test benches for  non-braked combustion engines

We operate ten un-braked drive train test-benches. Besides combustion engines and their components, also hybrids, electrical cars and 48V power grid can be tested. 
We support test and validation of your drive-train system and its components throughout the complete process:

  • analyses of test requirements and definition of test concept
  • mounting of engines and measuring system
  • manufacturing of cables
  • commissioning and diagnosis of engine
  • operation and documentation of test series
  • secured online access to measuring data by the customer
  • processing and analyses of test data

We offer 24/7 operation - including weekend and holidays – meeting all necessary safety measures.
The test benches are equipped with gas alarm and fire alert systems, venting and air conditioning.
Our motivated experts guarantee a smooth test operation with low still stand.
We develop measurement and testing equipment as well as automation systems in house: 

  • A-Box, a modular, flexible and stand-alone automation
  • PowerUnit,  power and communication interface between engine and test automation
  • LionGuard for safe operation of Li-Ion batteries

Online analyses of measurement data guarantees the quality of test data and allows error detection in time– preventing test failure in advance.

Your benefit: a short time to market.