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PRCD-S* with wall box

Flexible and secure mobile charging station for electric vehicles
for connection to (Standard 32A) CEE plug units

*Portable Residual Current Device (Switched Protective Earth)

Overall system

  • Intrinsically safe feedpoint as per BGI608 pursuant to DIN IEC 62335
  • Designed for 400V/32A CEE plug units
  • Ready-assembled, ready to operate and tested
  • Operating temperature -20°C to 40°C
  • Length of power line can be made to order


  • Monitoring of correct contact assignment on supply side
  • Leading PE-activation where supply side is correct
  • Trailing PE-shutdown where there is a recognised fault situation during operation
  • Output side signalling of adjacent phase voltages
  • Test and start mode buttons

Keba WallboxKeContact P20

  • Mode 3 Charge
  • Multicolour LED operation indicator
  • Robust casing protection type IP 54
  • VDE and UL certified