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Modular test stand for lithium-ion batteries

LionTrace is a test stand for lithium-ion batteries, outstanding for its modular setup and variety in functionalities. Due to its compact design, based on 19″–rack-standard, the test stand guarantees high mobility and flexibility. The test stand can be configured individually to meet your/customers specific test requirements.

LionTrace provides:

  • Modularity in hardware and software
  • Fully automated test runs by integrated automation solutions and compressed data logging allow for 24/7 operation
  • Convenient handling by touch screen and integrated keyboard with touchpad
  • Mobility thanks to compact 19″-rack–design
  • Safe in dealing with lithium-ion batteries by using innovative extinguishing agents
  • Extendable with a variety of different add-ons like impedance spectroscopy, thermal conditioning, determination of state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) as well as communication with battery management systems (BMS)
  • Remote diagnosis and remote control via TCP/IP
  • Messurement data capturing in the  cloud

LionTrace builds up on a configurable base module, which can be used to charge and discharge single battery cells or cell compounds (module/stack). The adjacent table illustrates the technical details of possible base modules.

LionTrace – the lithium-ion test stand for your individual requirements

For the configuration of different variants you can choose between five modules: base, extended testing, impedance spectroscopy extended fire prevention and thermal conditioning with extended fire prevention. Thereby you have a nearly unlimited choice of equipment options.

Tailored to your specific needs, LionTrace offers an ideal cost-benefit ratio for your enterprise. From low voltages (cell) up to high power (electric vehicle) – LionTrace is the perfect solution for your application.

Charge power (kW)551020
Discharge (kW)4,8510-2020-40
Max. charge current (A)250756060
Max. discharge current (A)40075120120
Min. Voltage (V)042142250
Max. Voltage (V)48142250400
AC connection (A)16/3216/323232

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