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EVspy 1 tester

Signal acquisition and manipulation in HVDC systems

  • Voltage/ current metering, output of a rated voltage
  • Galvanically isolated outputs
  • High bandwidth (100kHz@-3db) to handle dynamic signal changes
  • Internal energy storage for autonomous operation, rechargeable via USB and 12 V supply
  • Protective insulation, tested up to 1000V/CATII
  • Customized HVCD interfaces

Measuring range
- 600 V to 600 V peak
- 50 A to 50 A peak
Reference voltage output of -10 V to 10 V
Measuring accuracy
Relative error: <2%
Bandwidth: 100kHz@-3dB
Energy storage
Measuring module power consumption: 2,5W
Run-time with fully charged energy storage: >2 hours