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C2PU - Can Controlled Power Unit

The Can controlled power unit functions as a performance, logic and measurement interface between the control and performance electronics on test-bed structures (particularly motor test-beds).


Basic characteristics:

  • Isolation from control and performance electronics
  • CAN-Bus interfaces
  • Inclusion of ProFETs in the power section limits loss and prolongs service life.

Comprehensive connectivity

  • Operating voltage 5V to 30V.
  • 5 power outputs up to 70A
  • 2 15A half bridges, PWM-enabled up to 1kHz
  • 1 7.5A full bridge
  • 14 Digital inputs, 4 Digital outputs
  • 4 Analogue inputs, 4 Analogue outputs
  • 5 separated CAN nodes with connectible terminating resistors

High performance CPU
Facilitates complex sequence controls, simulation and gateway functions, which we are delighted to implement as per customer requirement.